Our managed print service and office printing solutions are uniquely placed, offering market leading flexibility, economic to run, providing you with high service levels with no capital outlay.

Our packages include printers, remanufactured toners and a warranty alongside in-house service and maintenance.

Save time improve efficiency, reduce costs, save money and most importantly go green with our environmentally friendly services.


High service levels with no capital outlay


2020 has seen office environments change drastically due to coronavirus. Many people have become aware of how unhygenic the workplace can be.

In this ever changing office environment we’ve seen an increase in demand for individual desk top printers to keep staff safe and stop cross-contamination.

XLOS have a range of printers to suit all requirements, using our re-manufactured toner range to give you significant savings.


One printer per desk is becoming the norm


We supply our own remanufactured toners in order to give you the best savings and reliability.

Our none contract, totally flexible offering can evolve with your needs, whilst staying environmentally friendly & sustainable.

We also provide free engineer support with all our remanufactured toners and refurbished printers. Never worry about your printers again.

All refurbished printers & remanufactured toners come with a 12 month warranty.


12 month warranty and in-house support


We offer a range of services to make sure that we cover every aspect of businesses, from office supplies to marketing materials. No matter what you’re looking for, we will be able to help you find it.

XLOS Stationery


XL Office Solutions are your single-source supplier for all your office supplies and stationery. Our comprehensive product range ensures you have instant access to the item you are looking for.

XLOS Mailmerge


Our mail merge service puts you in control of your marketing. Personalise your data and images on your materials to improve response rates to your marketing materials.

XLOS Education


We can offer an extensive range of innovative and engaging resources, ideas and expert advice. Often stationery can be an afterthought, but when you’re out of pencils or paper, someone will let you know!



Your customers and colleagues need to be safe and feel safe. With safety in mind, we have one aim. Prevention and protection. We can provide you with all of the products that ensure your safety.

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